What We Do Set a goal for your PR event. Be crystal clear and go deeper with goals that can be measured. For example, if the aim is to promote the latest product, then how do you plan to achieve that? What’s the benchmark for success ” a minimum number of units sold? A PR event is all about building publicity. Sure, you can build your own publicity by live streaming your event and creating other social media content ” but you also need the press on your side. Here are a few tips to get the press to your event. Think local, Reach out directly to individual journalists and reporters. Build relationships. Launch Event Timing is key Media & Press When are you holding the event? Is it on the day of a product release or several days before? If it’s the latter, do you have a social media strategy in place to keep the interest alive until the actual release day? A PR event is also about creating a good impression. This is especially important if many attendees are first-time visitors. With this perspective, a lavish venue that’s also a landmark will be far more memorable than, say, a generic multi-purpose room at a school or city hall. The Venue Food & Drinks The purpose of the event is to garner brand exposure. Even so, you want the conference to be about fun and having a good time. Having food and drinks creates a festive social scene and attracts attendees. This creates a positive vibe and gets everyone in good spirits by the time you begin making your speeches, presentations, and announcements. The promotion doesn’t begin and end at the event. It’s an ongoing endeavor that includes a vibrant social media presence. Use a combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks to create hype and anticipation. Also use your blog, YouTube channel, and newsletters to get the word out. This includes before, during, and after the event. PR Event Social
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